Dec 5, 2013

6 Signs Your Cat Loves You

Of course we all know our kitties love us, but here are six adorable signs that make it super clear.

I wonder if my kitties do that when I leave the house? It's almost sad and it makes me never want to leave again! Maybe I should set up a camera to find out what they do when I'm gone too...

Anyway, this is a very sweet video!

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  1. How very sweet! I'm glad that my cats love me!

  2. Adorable. Not sure what my cats do when I often when I leave, they are both napping!! lol

  3. Nothing compares to being loved by a critter! My Teodor Katbluskee drools so profusely while on my lap looking up at my face, it's a wonder he's not dehydrated! ;-)

  4. I'm hopelessly in love with Shorty & Kodi.Think my kitties are jealous! xD


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