Dec 7, 2013

Maru and His Little Sister, Hana!

Watch out, Maru... There's another cute cat in your house!

Maru got a little sister named Hana, and it appears that he's teaching her the ways of boxes and bags very early in life. He is good big brother.

I especially love their homemade box wall. You have to see that! What a great idea!

NOTE FROM CUTE: This week is the LAST WEEK to donate toys and treats to Santa Paws Drive! We need to get them shipped out in time for the shelter kitties and doggies to get them for Christmas. If you haven't yet, and if you can spare a few dollars, please consider donating a toy bundle or two. Thank you, Cuteheads!

P.P.S. Sweet Pea is going to the vet this morning. I just want to get her checked out to make sure she's all good (which I'm sure she is!). She has a big, round belly and I just want to make sure she doesn't have any worms or cooties or anything in there! She is meeting the vet we use for all our transport kitties, Dr. Simon in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and I'm excited that he can be her vet!

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  1. all paws crossed for sweet pea you are such a great mommy mpreston

  2. I just love Maru & Hana is precious! What a great big brother for her to have. Best wishes for a healthy checkup for Sweet Pea!!!

  3. How stinkin' cute! Who needs a TV when one can have a kitten to entertain!! I love the paw smacks! <3

  4. Maru and his little sister Hana are adorable together. Loved watching them play!

  5. Maru has a little sister!!!! They are getting along so well! It's fantastic! This video made my husband and I laughed out loud. Too sweet!!


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