Jan 15, 2014

Cautious Cat Carefully Peeks Out Over the Bed

Most people are scared of monsters under the bed, but it seems like this kitty might be a little afraid of monsters ON the bed.

You never know what you'll find up there, I guess, so best to proceed with extra, super sneaky caution. Like so...

P.S. If you haven't checked out our new navigation, check it out! It is now super easy to volunteer to drive transport kitties, and if you can't drive, super easy to donate a few dollars to sponsor one! We have SO many cute kitties coming up for transport... I'll be adding more to the page in the next day or so!

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  1. what a funny kitteh! have a great day!!!

  2. Hilarious. What an expression....and those eyes.
    The kitty is extra cautious!!! Sweet!

  3. Perhaps there IS really a monster ON the bed ? Better retreat on the floor...

  4. Mocha did that at first

  5. That look on his face is hilarious!

  6. that was the best cateo i've ever seen!!!

  7. OMC! Those eyes! He is a scaredy cat!! What are they doing on that bed?! Lol!


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