Jan 2, 2014

Transport Day: Foster Kitty Sebastian and 8 Other Kitties Going Home! #9catcaravan

It's transport day again, Cuteheads! What a great way to kick off the new year!

It's also a very special transport because my foster kitten, Sebastian, is on board! He has been the cutest little bundle of joy in my bathroom for the past couple weeks and I'm going to miss him for sure, but he is going to the BEST mom and I know she'll keep us all updated with pictures and stuff! So that's wonderful!

The kitties are heading from Florida to Virginia today with Cutehead Michele C. (who is also Sebastian's new mom!) and they'll stay at her house tonight and tomorrow night. Then they get up bright and early on Saturday and do the rest of their trip!

So let's meet the lucky kitties that our Cute Transport Network is driving, shall we?


Sebastian in my lap. I'm going to miss this boy!
Oh, Sebastian. This little nugget came at just the right time for me and his new mom. She just lost her kitty the day after we lost Sweet Pea, and so he is truly a gift to cheer us both up and help us heal! He definitely did his part for me while he's been here, and now he gets to do the same for her starting tomorrow. He is going to live in Virginia Beach.

Sebastian was saved from Broward Animal Control. He was the last of his litter and terrified in the shelter. Now he's an absolute lovebug though, who likes to give kisses, cuddle in your lap and purr like crazy. He also likes to "herd" all his toys into his bed and sleep with them. So cute!

Captain Jack the Pirate Cat

Captain Jack, talking... as usual.
Captain Jack is 16 years old, has only one eye and is deaf. His owner died, and so he ended up at the shelter. Lucky for him though, Safehollow rescue in Georgia stepped up and said they would take him!

Captain Jack has been living with his foster dad, Cutehead Kyle S., for about a month now, and today is his big day! Captain Jack meows a lot. And loud. Like, really loud. Maybe because he can't hear himself? He also purrs really loud and is just a super sweet kitty!

Captain Black

Captain Black at foster Emily O.'s house. 
Yup, two Captains! This kitty was just named "Captain" at the shelter, but since we already had a Captain, I decided he should be Captain Black so we can tell them apart.

Captain Black was a shelter favorite and they begged us to help him get out. He's a huge love, but just has a couple small issues. He needs to eat special food because he has urinary tract issues and he walks like a little bit of a funny walk due to an old injury (he's not in any pain, just walks with swagger). He is also going to Safehollow where they will find him the best and most perfect new home!


The picture that made us all fall in love with cross-eyed George.
One look at cross-eyed George and we just knew we had to help save him. Several people expressed interest in him, and Cutehead Maryann G. is the lucky one who is going to be his new mom!

George has been with Cutehead Carie P. and her family as their foster for a few weeks, and he is a great cat! He is super friendly and super cute -- and his new mom is going to super love him!


The princess. 
Princess Pansy Rose is heading up to Boston to a wonderful home with Cutehead Laura F.! She was originally Peaches, but her new name fits her much better. She is an adorable (and rare) female ginger kitty, who has been absolutely spoiled in her foster home with Cutehead Melissa F. for the past few weeks.

Laura had actually first seen George's picture and commented that if he was a female, she would love him. One of our volunteers remembered seeing a female ginger at the shelter, and posted her picture on that thread... and the rest is history! She is going to live a great life in Boston.


Beautiful Audrey!
Audrey was saved from West Palm Animal Control. She was being fostered by a lovely woman named Fredrika M., and when it was time for her to go back to the shelter to get adopted, Fredrika just couldn't bear the thought of her being there, so she reached out and found her a home with Cutehead Azar A. in Virginia!

Audrey is a very pretty girl and I'm so glad we could help her get home also!


Bernadette snuggled up.
Bernadette is a kitty we were going to transport before, but it didn't end up working out back then. But this weekend is her lucky weekend!

She is a diabetic kitty and is going to HART of Maine shelter in Maine (one of our favorite partners!). We're picking her up in New York and helping her get there!

Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise
Thelma and Louise (formerly Lizzie and Torrie) are from Virginia and needed to find a new home. The are gorgeous, aren't they?

Lucky for them, Toni S. in New Jersey saw their story and stepped up to be their real forever home, and we're going to give them a ride to her!

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Help Future Transports!
Want to help transport rescue kitties in the future? Sign up to be one of our volunteer drivers by filling out this form so we can contact you if a cat needs to go through your area! The more drivers we have, the more cats we can help! Thank you all!

Tremendous Thank You!
Huge thanks to all our Cutehead drivers! YOU all make this possible. Carie P., Fredrika M., Michele C., Donna S., Keely F., Linda G., Carol K., Barbara D., Laura F. and Nancy T.

Enormous thanks to our fosters: Kyle S., Carie P., Emily O., Melissa F.... and me!

Thanks to our partners in rescue, Good Karma Pet Rescue for making sure all the kitties are ready to go and vetted and safe!

And the biggest thanks of all to the new moms and rescues: Michele C. for adopting Sebastian, Azar A. for adopting Audrey, Maryann G. for adopting George, Toni S. for adopting Thelma and Louise, Laura F. for adopting Pansy, Safehollow for taking in Captain Jack and Captain Black and HART of Maine for helping Bernadette!

What a great way to start 2014!

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  1. Yay!! Love transports! Good luck to all the kitties and travel safe everyone ;)

  2. Keep an eye on the weather so the driving is safe for all of you on your transports

  3. Yea! So many kitties!! Can't wait to follow along. Safe travels everyone!

  4. Oh the joy of kitties travelling to new places where they will be safe and loved! Godspeed to kitties and drivers!

  5. Love seeing the pics of the kitties who are travelling today. God bless all the drivers, rescuers, new moms, and all who care and love these cats. God bless you too Dorian.....you do a terrific job.

  6. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Way to start the New Year!

  7. I agree, dorian! this is the BEST way to start 2014. God bless all these babies, their foster parents & their new parents. God bless you, too, my friend, for your continued efforts & involvement with helping all these deserving babies find a better way of life. love you. ~marsha

  8. Great, Dorian. Wonderful start into 2014. WIshing all the kitties good luck and the drivers a save trip. The storms in the North could be a challenge.

  9. That is a great start to the New Year!!! Wonderful furry Lovebugs!!! They are sooooo cute!!

    This is great Dorian! All of you ROCK!!

    Good luck on the transport. Be safe. Bless you all.

  10. I LOOOVE my sweet Audrey! THANK YOU THANK YOU all of you for saving these kitties and transporting them to their new homes in all kinds of weather!!! Cute Transport ROCKS!!!


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