Jan 4, 2014

Sebastian Saturday: My Foster Kitten in His New Forever Home!

We're continuing our transport from Thursday today, but my foster kitten Sebastian got to his new forever mommy already and I have the cutest picture to share of them!

I also have a silly video of him while he was here with me still and some cute pictures from then too!

He went to such a great home, and it makes me so happy that this super sweet boy got such a great place to live and be loved!

First off, the best picture ever... Here is Sebastian with his new mom, Michele C. when she first got him!

Sebastian getting a welcome home smooch from his new mom, Michele!
Now check out what a silly water drinker this boy is! I had wondered why his water bowl was always spilled, and I just assumed it was a favorite game for him to knock it around.

And then I finally caught him drinking water. Check out how he dances in front of the bowl! And how he dunks his face and then licks it off himself instead of drinking from the bowl. Isn't he ridiculous?!

Here's his face after he's done drinking water. What a stylish water beard!

Um, you have some more to drink there, buddy!
And one more... He's such a snuggler. Here he is telling me he was done with the smooches! How could anyone stop smooching that cutie face though!?

No more smooches, lady! 

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  1. glad he`s got his home now

  2. Aww what a cutie Sebastian is and so cute drinking water! So happy he is now in his furever home with Michele,may they both enjoy each others company for many years to come..Cheers Michele & Sebastian!

    Hope we can be kept updated with photos of them in the future? Love this last shot of you & Sebastian!

  3. So cute the way he drinks his water. Enjoyed seeing the pics and video of Sebastian. Great that he had such a loving forever mom and a nice home. You do great work, Dorian. Hi to Pimp and Moo.

  4. He is soooo cute! So sad to see that his new mom doesn't love him one bit! ;) JK---look how they love each other already!!

  5. I'm just a sucka for happy endings! <3 you Sebastian...

  6. So cute !! Glad you fostered him. Happy to see his new mommy loves him to pieces.
    My Louie does that same little dance in front of the water dish. And always has a water beard too ! Cute water dish !!

  7. Not your typical water drinking cat! So cute!

    Sorry, but I wouldn't put his drinking bowl in the bathroom. Not very hygienic. I hope his food bowl is not in there!

    Have fun in your new home Sebastian!

  8. Sebanstian says..."ewww! People lips! but I love you!" I have a water cup on the sink. My sister came over once time and she said" the cat is looking at me funny." I said "That is because you are drinking out of his cup! sorry, for got to warn you!"

  9. It was his bathroom only. :) No human potty going on in there, only his litter box, food and water and toys and bed... and Sebastian! :)

  10. Thank you Dorian for letting me know. Sebastian looks like a happy boy. He has grown so fast! Don't they all? He reminds me of my Stone and he also had water habits very different from other cats. Cats are so funny and interesting. Thank you for saving Sebastian!


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