Jan 5, 2014

Dogs and Cats Being Best Friends (and Pics of the All the Transport Cats with New Moms! #9catcaravan

Isn't it the cutest to see doggies and kitties loving on each other and playing with each other and just being adorable best friends? Here's a cute compilation of some of the best buddies!

And isn't it EVEN BETTER to see happy former shelter kitties in loving forever homes? Yes!

Here are pictures of all our transport kitties from the #9catcaravan in their forever homes and rescues!

Captain Black and Captain Jack with Debbie (on the left)  from Safehollow rescue in Georgia!
Cross-eyed George with his new mom, MaryAnn G. in Virginia!
Thelma getting her first hug from new mom, Toni S. in New Jersey! (Her sister, Louise, got some too, I'm sure.)
Audrey safely tucked into new mom Azar A.'s car to head home to Virginia!
Princess Pansy Rose with her happy new mom, Laura F. in Boston!
And let's not forget Sebastian with his new mom, Michele in Virginia Beach!
Thank you to all the Cutehead drivers and fosters and cheerleaders for making this amazingly heart-warming trip possible! And thank you for Mother Nature for clearing out that blizzard in time for us to hit the road!

P.S. We're working on lining up another transport of EIGHT kittens to Wisconsin, so keep an eye out for updates and cute pictures of those lucky kittens once we pull them from the shelter!

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  1. Heartwarming. So much love! 2014 is off to a great start!

  2. Happy that you all had a save trip and those wonderful kitties are now at their new furever home. It seems very cold up there... Thanks Dorian for all your efforts and those of your helping cuteheads.

  3. It was freezing! Florida kitties probably need extra coats. ;)

  4. Safe and sound good! I was a little worried with all the snow and frigid temps we had.Everyone looks so happy,love seeing all the smiles!

  5. Loved seeing all the happy faces......on both mommas and kitties!!!! And the videos of kitties and dogs together was adorable.

  6. <3 LOVED <3 the video! It was so touching to see the pups nursing on the momma cat..... and, I loved the cat making biscuits on the dogs tummy; that was a win/win for both of them!

  7. How ADORABLE!!!! Was that little dog at the end french kissing the orange cat?! Lol!!!!

  8. What a great transport this has been! Hurray!! I love adoption stories!


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