Jan 10, 2014

My New Transport Foster Kitten -- Phantom!

Oh, the cuteness continues! I am pretty sure that my spare bathroom could easily be considered one of the cutest places on Earth in the past few months... There is always some cutie in there!

The latest adorable thing to bless me with its presence is Phantom, a super sweet 10-month-old kitten that we rescued from Broward County Animal Control. Phantom was THISCLOSE to being out of time, but we swooped him out of there just in time!

Phantom's handsome shelter picture (that does him NO justice).
He has white whiskers mixed in with the black on one side of his face... So he is Phantom!

Phantom also has some kind of issue with one of his back legs. The shelter vet thinks it's some kind of nerve damage, but it doesn't seem to faze him at all! He walks with one leg kind of bent at the knee, like he walking on his calf. It all just goes flat on the floor. But he still jumps and loves and plays -- nothing is wrong as far as he is concerned!

He is also extremely hard to get a good picture of, because he's constantly rubbing on me for love or coming at me to ask for more love. Sit still, Phantom!

I'm sure there will be tons more pictures of him coming soon. I just wanted you all to meet him real quick. I love, love, love him and I'm so glad we could save him. I have been hoping and sharing for almost two weeks!

Oh hai. You are here to pet me, right?
Phantom still doesn't have a forever home 100% lined up, so if you are interested in him, please tell me! You can email me through the Contact Cute link on the left of this page or fill out our adoption form. Phantom is currently in Fort Lauderdale, FL, but we can transport, of course, with our Cute Transport Network!

I love this leg.
Hurray for Phantom!

The nice lady gave me a catnip candy cane!
P.S. You may have noticed the new links at the top of the page! Trying to make Cute Transport Network more official and help so we can spread the word easier and sign up more drivers easier. There are links up there now to volunteer to drive, and also to sponsor a transport kitty!

I'm going to try and keep the Sponsor a Transport Cat page updated with what kitties we are trying to save and what it costs to vet them and transport them. We usually pay a lot out of our pocket, so this will be a huge help so we can save even more! If you can ever spare a dollar or two, take a look and see the cuties that could use it!

There are three listed there now, and I'll be adding Phantom soon also! Hurray!

Look into my eyes and give me your green papers...
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  1. Aww! Love Phantom! He's gorgeous and just so sweet. He says "Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving my life!" <3

  2. What a cutie!!! Love da purrs!!! So happy he is safe!!!

  3. Very cute. Does he have white fur on his face?

  4. He's a little lovebug!!

  5. I'm seeing a foster fail in progress.... lol

  6. Keep watch with the weather as there are more storms thus we need you safe on those transports

  7. The video - O My Gosh - those eyes so filled with love...I'm gonna melt.

  8. Phantom is adorable......hope he finds his forever home soon.......

  9. What a cutie ! If I weren't already over my "cat-allowance" in my condo I'd apply immediately to adopt this wonderful Phantom! Good luck to find a loving home for him soon.

  10. He's a lover, for sure! I heard that little "bltltltlt" he said to you! So sweet! <3

  11. Oh you've got a lover on your hands! What a cutie pie Phantom is,i'm sure he'll find his furever home real soon!

  12. What a beautiful baby!! And such a lover... how precious!!! The name is PERFECT for him!


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