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One of the things we are most excited about here is all the cute kitties we are able to save with all our wonderful readers and supporters and Cute Transport Network drivers!

Each of our transport cats costs us between $50-$150, depending on vet costs, spay and neuter, health certificates, supplies and other necessities for transport and getting the kitties ready. Sometimes it is more if the cats become ill and need more extensive vet care before traveling. We always spend our own money on saving kitties, and so we'd always appreciate any help!

We love saving so many kitties, but we can only keep doing so because of all your generous, amazing help. Thank you! I'll always try to keep the latest fundraisers here for our transport kitties that currently need sponsorship, so they're all in one place!

If there is no current kitty listed here, please consider donating for a future transport. We almost always have several cats out in foster care getting ready to travel! Simply click on the donate button below and choose how much you'd like to donate. Every single dollar helps, and no amount is too small!

Cuteheads are the best people in the world! Let's do our best to save more kitties!

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