Apr 19, 2009

Five Spooning Kittens!

Have you ever seen anything as precious as these spooning kitties?

I dare you to find something cuter... :) (And when you do, email it to me!)

More sleepy kitties, please.

Then a sleepy giraffe.

And then we'll throw in a sleepy Spudgie (he's a doggie)!


  1. WOW, what a picture. That is very cute!

  2. This is the kind of stuff that I completely drool over and then I ask my husband, "How do you think they got the kittens to do that?"

    And then he provides a complete and total buzz kill.

    "They drug them so they won't move. Then they pose them."

    Now, anytime I see a really cute sleeping kitty picture that explanation from husband ruins it.

    But I still think this one is super cute.

  3. now i'll start thinking of what you said. >_>;


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