Apr 24, 2009

Update on Pete (the Baby Birdie Who Showed Up on My Porch)

Morning, everybody! Last night I introduced you to Pete, the baby birdie who showed up on my back porch and thought my broom was his nest. Here's an update!

This morning, Pete was still there, but he'd moved his little feathery self to the bushes and garden area off the porch. He was kind of in a little ball, so I was worried at first that he'd had a rough night. He also had a little bit of straw, like a thread from a palm, kind of wrapped around his little foot, but he seemed OK.

I petted him a little (the recording last night assured me that touching Pete wouldn't make his mom reject him) and untangled his little foot -- and he seemed to be happy and perked right up! This is a video of the two of us having a cute conversation:

After I took the video, I started to hear a bigger bird chirping around, and Pete started to look up and open his little beak mouth. In hopes that it was Momma Bird coming to get him or feed him, I went back inside and watched quietly from my sliding glass door.

And a couple minutes later, Mommy Crow came down and gave Pete a little food in his mouth! (So now we know he's a crow -- a cute crow.) Yay, Pete! All this makes me very happy because now I know his mom is still around and that she'll take care of him.

If he's still hanging around for a while, I'll keep up with the Pete updates. He's really cute!

Note from Cute: If you missed the first post where I introduced Pete (and some cute pictures of him!), click here to read it.


  1. AAWWWWW, good that mommy is around!

  2. What a cute little baby crow! So glad to hear his mom is nearby and feeding him!

  3. Thanks for the Pete update, keep us posted.

  4. aw, glad to know that pete is happy and SO vocal. he has HYSTERICAL little feather fluffs coming out of his little head...perhaps he was telling you he needed a comb?


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