Sep 25, 2009

All the Single Babies!

Oh my goodness... I have no words (which is very rare). Forget All the Single Ladies -- we're talking to All the Single Babies here!

This kid is either going to laugh hysterically or cry when she's older. I love it!

More cute dancing babies, please.

All the Single Babies video

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  1. That is a cute video. Very, very funny. I saw it on Fasebook too.

  2. My friend showed me this yesterday. At first I was like, Oooookay, another dancing baby. But this is really funny. That baby has some skillz. And I love how the parents (?) are cracking up in the background, and the baby is totally oblivious to them.

  3. That's a very funny video.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids


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