Sep 20, 2009

This is One "Hoppy" Kitty!

At first I couldn't figure out why this fluffball of a kitten was hopping and popping, but then I noticed... See if you notice right away -- or if you're a little slow like me! ;)

More jumping kitties, please.


  1. At first I thought it was a bug, but now I think it was from the rug moving!

  2. Somehow the rug is making a swooshing noise I think. It has to do with the rug. What a cute kitty. The rug is moving. I watched it again. I am going to have to try that but don't have a video camera.

  3. Haha, at first I thought the cat was sneezing, then I realized it was the rug.

    The cat is jumping because they are moving the rug a little bit while he is on it.

  4. Such a cute kitty :o)
    Gonna have to try this with my 2 kittens, but I wonder if they are too old for this game, they are only about 5 months..

  5. Hay, maybe it's related to Kevin the hopping goat!

  6. Let's go jump at my house little one!


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