Sep 10, 2009

I Smell a Rat...

Something fishy about this rat... Can't quite put my finger on it, and neither can these Casey and Sassy. Right about halfway though, one has the best ijustdonotgetit face.

According to the video info, this rat isn't even remote-controlled! You just plop in a battery and off it goes. I'm going to have to find one of these ridiculous rats for my two boys!


  1. I'm pretty sure Trouble would ignore it, since playing with it would involve moving ...

  2. Given that the Farm cats keep bringing the publicist gophers I don't think they need one...but very funny!

  3. Gophers?! Oh my goodness... I have no idea what I'd do if Pimp or Moo brought me a GOPHER.

  4. So, who had more fun--the cats or the mouse driver??! :)


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