Sep 8, 2009

Two Cats Tuesday: Can Kitties Play Football?

Yay! Its Two Cats Tuesday! I love today.

Well, Cuteheads, it's finally football season again. There's finally something besides baseball and golf on TV, Sundays have meaning again... and the boys get to wear their Florida Gators gear!

If you don't already know, I'm a HUGE Gator fan. So, by default, Pimp and Moo are, too. Pimp is actually born and raised in Gainesville, Florida -- I got him while I was up there (Long story short: He was named Pimp because we lived in an apartment with four girls and so, clearly, he was the Pimp.). Moo decided to become a Gator as soon as he adopted me.

Pimp has his very own personalized PIMP Gator jersey...

He also like to hang out with my Al the Gator plushie...

Both babies have matching Gator cat collars...

...and when Pimp grows up he wants to play football for the Gators...

Thanks for coming by for Two Cats Tuesday. Come back and visit Pimp and Moo against next Tuesday!

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  1. I love the lolcat spin. I think we all have a case of football fever coming on fast!

  2. Football! I'd say "Go Gators!", but I live in Texas Tech I have to say, "Getcher' Guns Up!"-course, we're in different conferences, aren't we?

    Hello, Pimp! Hello, Moo! Thanks for visitin' me!

  3. Pimp with the blue jersey is sooooooo adorable :) The blue sure brings out his eyes :D

  4. "Put me in coach, I'm ready to play today, look at me, I can be center field ..." Oh rats wrong sport!

  5. If Pimp grows up any more, he ain't gonna fit in that jersey.

  6. Aw, Vanessa... Pimp's actually lost weight! :)

  7. You look so cute in your football jersey, Pimp, all you need now is a little kitty foot ball.

  8. Uh, I think Pimp is NOT too happy with his jersey on. Yeah, he looks great, but why do I think he would not move thinking that he couldn't with that shirt on?! LOL!

  9. Lin, you so nailed it! I always say Pimp is "petrified" when I put him in these silly outfits -- he just stays there all stiff until I take a few pictures and finally take it off. Makes the photo shoot a little easier... ;)

  10. Pimp, you look really cute in your jersey but not too happy! Hopefully your team does well this year!


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