Dec 1, 2009

Two Cats Tuesday: Crazy Moo and his Cube

Happy Two Cats Tuesday! A while ago Moo got a kitty cube, and he still loves it! It's one of his favorite things to play with.

Thing is, he doesn't "cube" like other kitties (I assume, anyway). Every morning when I get up, the cube is somewhere else in the living room, and inevitably turned over or on it's side somehow.

What he does with the cube I never knew... until now! I caught him in the middle of his crazy cube antics!

What? Just me and my cube here...

I turn my cube ON ITS SIDE! See that pink? That's the bottom!

Then I turn around and come out the top! Um, the side...

And then back out the other side! Making your own cube games is fun!

Thanks for coming by for Two Cats Tuesday! Next week, Pimp will get some time, too. Moo just had a cute moment for this one!

Also, a little reminder from Cute -- don't forget that I'm donating 5 cents to Santa Paws Drive (the charity drive I helped start!) to everyone who follows @SantaPawsDrive on Twitter. All the toys and money we raise go to lonely shelter animals this holiday!


  1. KITTY CUBE..... I gwuess i knows wut im askin fur on christmas...


  2. We so totally need one. Hear that mum? NEED ONE. Get the plastic card out...

  3. Moo in his cube reminds us of Sebastian and Reilly. Everyone morning when I'd wake up to check on them in the foster room, the cube would be completely smashed.

  4. You have a pretty cube! We love our cubes, too. I think I will drag mine out of the closet now...

  5. Hee hee! Super CUTE! I shudder to think of what my big fat cats would look like wearing that cube as a skirt! LOL!

  6. I think Pru would LOVE this cube. I can see her getting into all kinds of contortions. And then Gus howling at her to let him play. And then him getting stuck in one of the holes.

  7. Oh Moo, that is too cute. What a smart cat to make several toys out of one. Looks like he has fun all night long. Good boy Moo.

  8. Moo, you are too cute in your cube! We don't have a cube but we think we need one!

  9. hello moo its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is sum crazy contrapshun yoov got their!!! can it travel thru time and spayse??? if so i may want to borro it!!! thanks ok bye

  10. MOL hehehe you gots style huh Moo?! Dat is what I says, it looks likes lot of fun. Momma gots a kick out of seeing you in it! MOL hehehe



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