Dec 22, 2009

Two Cats Tuesday: Flower Kitties

Happy Two Cats Tuesday! (See how I remembered? Still can't believe we had to do Two Cats Wednesday last week...) This week is a quick one, but a good one!

I love having fresh flowers in my house. I'm usually buying them for myself (my boyfriend doesn't read my blog, so he won't even get the hint here), but I don't mind -- they make the house beautiful and they make me happy.

...And they also make for a beautiful backdrop for kitty portraits!

Moo sniffing some pretty tulips. Doesn't he look like he's in a jungle of them?

Pimp by some orchids. We got these flowers from @frugaldougal and his mom thanking us for doing Santa Paws Drive with her. Wasn't that nice?

If we don't tweet or see you before Christmas -- even though we're sure we will! -- me, Pimp and Moo wish all of you a happy holiday! We hope you all get lots of toys and treats and cookies and NIP and some good, quality family time!

Also, if you donated to Santa Paws Drive (thank you!), be sure to check your email today for a note from us and all the final totals of treats, toys and donations collected. It was a ton!


  1. Pimp and Moo look great sitting in the jungle of the flowers. And I have to say that is so great what you and the others did with the Santa Paws Drive. Thank heavens some shelter animals are having a better Christmas.
    And a very Merry Christmas to you and a Happy and Healthy New year.

  2. I love "Your Daily Cute", it starts off my day with a smile, love the flower pics too, Have a Happy Holiday and New Year!!! Kisses to your kitties from me and mine, Margaret P in Mich.

  3. Those are totally beautiful photos...we wish you the Merriest Christmas ever!!!

  4. Those are pretty flowers - we very rarely have them because they would get eaten up at our house. They do make a great backdrop for the kitties!

    Happy Holiday to you too - we are so happy that the Santa Paws drive did so well! We hope you do it again next year (and keep the cute kitty and puppy you used as mascots!)

  5. Kitties love flowers. Although, for mine to pose, it would mean they have to wake up. I don't think that will happen anytime soon.

  6. Pawsome photos, flowers, and Pimp & Moo! Momma says dat da flowers she gots are different but very bootiful just likes yours. She gots a couple pictures of me sticking my nose in dem MOL


  7. Merry Christmas to all of you from all of the Happy Goats!

  8. I can't have flowers and plants in the house, my kitties eat them!

  9. I love fresh flowers too, especially tulips. Unfortunately, my two cats love them, too. Too much. Happy holidays!

  10. Such nice posing with the flowers. You should check the paperwork that came with your boyfriend, I'm not sure but I think they are required to read all your blogs and websites (including Facebook etc).

  11. Oh, I love Pimp and Moo! Merry Christmas to you all !

  12. Pimp and Moo are so handsome in the jungle of flowers! Flowers in our house have to go up high on the mantel or else they are dismantled!

    We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year!


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