Apr 16, 2010

Be the Change: Rally Together for Shelter Pets!

I've been waiting for today for almost a month now, Cuteheads. Really and truly looking forward to it.

Today is the day when tons of pet blogs are working together and dedicating their posts to making a difference in animals' lives, to being the change they want to see in the world.

"Be the Change" was born at BlogPaws last weekend, and I hope it grows big and strong! At a session led by myself, Lynn Haigh (@frugaldougal's mom) and Dr. V or pawcurious.com and moderated by Jane Harrell of Petfinder, we put everyone in attendance's name in a basket. We drew one, and that person got to choose the rescue that everyone would work to help today. The winner chose Pets Without Parents, and I can't think of a more deserving cause.

So How Will CUTE be the Change?
I thought for a while what I would do for my post. I didn't want to just post the fundraising widget and beg and plead for money. I wanted to actually do something. Something to be a better person and do more for a cause I so strongly believe in.

Those of you who know me and the Cute know I feed a ton of parking lot kitties. There are 13 of them! The Meows are the two that hang out by my car in the office parking lot, but there are also three other bunches of cats who I know by name, personality and favorite food. Little Meow, Daddy Meow, Westin, Orange Guy, Bully, Petunia, Sweet Pea, Daisy, Cry Baby... They are all a part of my life, and I look forward to serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with the cat food that the trunk of my car is always stocked with.

But I don't even look at that as something I'm doing above and beyond -- it's something that has just become so much a part of my life that I even visit the office parking lot kitties on the weekends. And so I need to do something more to be the change I want to see...

And so I decided I'm going to finally do something I've always wanted to and talked about doing. I'm going to take some of my free time and volunteer and my favorite local animal shelter. I'm going to give them some of my free time (it's not much I have, but what better way to use it, right?), and do whatever they need.

If they need poop scooped, bring me the scooper!

If they need mouths fed, cages cleaned, kitties brushed or floors swept, I'm there!

If the cats need a little extra love (and we all know they do), well then, I'll give them every little bit of love I have to give. Because they deserve it. Because it's not their fault they don't have forever homes. Because they should be surrounded by people who care for them, and show them just how special they are.

So, for every $100 we raise for Pets Without Parents in our "Be the Change" challenge, I'm going to donate a weekend day to the special kitties at Cats Exclusive in Margate, Florida. They don't know it yet... but I have a feeling they're going to be seeing a lot of Cute! :)

And now this is where you all come in: Help me help them! We'll be helping two rescue shelters at once! Pets Without Parents will get the much-needed donations and Cats Exclusive will get some much-needed volunteer time from me. (I'll go anyway, you know, but this just makes it fun...)

Any little amount you can spare to donate to Pets Without Parents would mean a lot. Let's Be the Change together -- and let's be the biggest change we can be for these animals!

And if you can't donate, please help us spread the word! The more people who do, the better! Never underestimate what a big difference even the smallest gestures can make.

Now go, go, go! Let's make Be the Change the talk of the Web today! (List of blogs participating below the video!)

P.S. If you haven't seen the amazingly inspiring and touching video from @frugaldougal about what a difference just a few caring people can make, please don't miss it!

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--Your blog URL here!
(Leave your URL in the comments, email me or tweet me @YourDailyCute if you're in!)


  1. That is so good of you to give your time like that! But we're wondering how long it'll be before Pimp and Moo get a new brother or sister with you being around these kitties all the time (Rumblemum couldn't resist, that's for sure...)

  2. I've got my post up for Be The Change today!

  3. Great Post. I have my post up for Be the Change. This is such a wonderful thing to do and it gives me a great feeling that we might save some more animals.My post is at http://www.margsanimals.com/blogs

  4. Inigo and Rumbles, that's what I'm afraid of... ;) Hehe.

  5. Great post! Here is mine: http://bztat.com/events-and-happenings/blogpaws-be-the-change-challenge

    Brew is still working on his...

  6. Both my cat Sebastian and I have done #BeTheChange posts today. You can see them at http://tinyurl.com/y6gz2nd and http://tinyurl.com/y4939sp.

    Great challenge! I love my volunteer time at the shelter.

  7. The change is so good and y'all are the best!

  8. I'm in and already getting donations! Have article posted on blog
    http://www.coveredincathair.com and started tweeting about it, too! Way to go, Dorian!

  9. You and the others who were part of the Be The Change panel at BlogPaws are an inspiration!

    Here's my post:

  10. Yo CUTE! Here's my "Be the Change" blog. http://justmeowin.com/?p=281&preview=true

    SOMEBODY was hoggin' the 'puter. Just meowin'.

    The Brew

  11. Oops...Gave ya the wrong link, hehe. I am all paws. Here's the right one: http://justmeowin.com/2010/04/16/blogpaws-be-the-change-challenge/

    The Brew

  12. Wow! Thanks for compiling all the blogs! Here's my "Be the Change" post: http://ohmydogblog.com/2010/04/and-the-winner-is-plus-be-the-change/

  13. Great post! I'm sending out the link love too:


    I just love how we are all coming together for this worthy cause!

  14. Thank you for compiling this list! I just added it to my own post. Just wondering why more people aren't tweeting these links and RTing everybody else's posts. I've tried posting mine several times but just one person retweeted. If you're on Twitter, let's start pumping links out with #BeTheChange hashtag and a bit about what each person from each post is doing. Time to get this party started!

  15. Paws and Effect is in the house! http://www.paws-and-effect.com/2010/04/16/be-the-change-help-raise-funds-for-blind-cat-rescue/

  16. WOW, you guys. Just wow. I'm so blown away by all the posts and the stories and money raised so far. Great job everyone!

    You ALL rock!

  17. Wow, this rocks! I've watched the donation widget all day (I helped, yipee!) and I visited Foster and Smith's commentathon, and wrote to Tabby's Place letting them know I wanted to donate my PawPoints to them and just keep smiling when I see the buzz of excitement round here!

    Here's the link to my post;


  18. What a great idea!! You're up to 8 days (pushing 9!) volunteering now!!

    Our mom is planning to volunteer with a local rescue group. The group is working towards opening a low cost spay/neuter facility...something desperately needed in our area...and our mom thinks it would be a great thing to volunteer some time working there!

  19. Island Cats, OMC! We are at $861! I hadn't looked in about an hour -- I can't believe it jumped $300 in that time!

    I'm going to absolutely love all these volunteer days! Make me do more, everyone!

  20. Hey, oh awesome cuteness! I've been keeping a list as well, stemming from yours at first, so I sincerely thank you for the lead. We should compare notes perhaps tomorrow and make sure that neither of us missed anybody. Consider it a sharing of the load and a double check? Feeling so inspired by the amazing buzz and good deeds!

  21. Kim -- absolutely! Would be great to make sure we have everyone. I haven't stopped smiling all day. :)

  22. WOOT we are all about trying to influence positively and this group rally for Pets without Parents is making us proud. Glad we got to post on our blog and contribute some $$ bones!

  23. I've been so inspired by this that I'm literally changing the way I blog. In other words, count me all the way in!

  24. Great post. I just donated so I can make a difference too.

  25. Mario, thank you so much! YOU make a difference all the time... Your blog is amazing, always. :)

  26. Life With Dogs - Wow! (Just one little word, but it means a lot.)

  27. Wow, this is a beautiful thing! Thank you for including our blog/link. We are always happy to help however we can!

  28. Question..who enhances life more? You or all the wonderful kitties you feed and live with? Bet I know the answer! They all have "MOXIE: energy, nerve, courage and spirit" I am sure!

  29. Love it - Thanks to Life with Dogs I found your blog, and have just become an avid reader. :-) I blog about experiences as a foster home for dogs and cats, and I try to share the good and the bad, but overall, the best part is just encouraging people to get involved and make a difference! I missed your original "Be the Change" post date, but will do a post on it this Saturday and let everyone know about the good work being done by so many fellow bloggers!


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