Apr 12, 2010

Maru in a Sink (Need We Say More?)

Cuteheads. It's MARU. Pretty sure he's the definition of "cute" if you look him up in Webster's Dictionary, but just in case you don't feel like doing research, this is what Cute's entry would be for it:

Maru: noun, common name for cuteous fateous cateous. Cute Youtube kitty who likes to hide in boxes, big or small. See also, Trash can, kitty. And as of today: Sink, kitty.

P.S.: Looking for info about our BlogPaws "Be the Change Challenge" -- or just want to join in on something amazing to help animals? Get all the info here! (And be ready to PAWPAWTY on Saturday afternoon!)

P.P.S.: Huge thanks to everyone who came to our session on Saturday. BlogPaws was an amazing experience and I'll post a recap and some pics super soon!


  1. Our mummy LOVES Maru (but not as much as she loves US! RIGHT mummy?)

  2. Maru is just way to cute!!! We love Maru!

  3. That Maru keeps getting us with her cuteness!!

  4. What a cute and beautiful kitty. She really does like that sink. Guess it just fits her.
    Thanks for the news about Blog paws. I want to hear all that I can.

  5. Love that little Maru. He must be very hardworking to be so sleepy.

  6. poor Maru's getting fat!


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