Jun 5, 2010

There's a Surprise in the Couch...

There's something special in this couch... Can you guess what it is?

Every day, when the person of the house comes home, this sweet little thing emerges from its favorite spot deep, deep in the couch. Hello, cutie!

More couch kitties, please. (Oops! I hope I didn't ruin the surprise.)


  1. I bet if we had a couch, we would have lots of surprises in it.
    Have a great week end.

  2. Great place to hide. At first I thought it was a rattle snake cuz I heard the rattle. Cuter than a rattle snake for sure.

  3. Hide-a-bed, hide-a-kitty! Awwww :)

  4. i love how kitty walks out of there like nothing is up...this is normal!

  5. Funny. That's a new one on us - never heard of a kitty popping out of couch before. Dat's one creative kitty,.

  6. That is just too funny! There must be a neat fort down inside there.


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