Jun 2, 2010

Kitten Defends His Noms

This doggie should know better than to snick his nose where it doesn't belong -- in his kitty brother's food!

That said, while Cute does applause this kitty's defense tactics, can someone please teach him to share... a little at least?

How about a kitten defending his melon next?


  1. LOL, that is really funny. What a smart kitty. That dog isn't going to have the kitty's noms.
    Thanks for the great laugh.
    Have a super day.

  2. BOL! I would be skeered if'n a kitteh donned that to me. Owie!

  3. HA! That kitten has mad paw skillz. Notice how he never takes his eyes off his food? That doggie ain't gettin' any.

  4. Ah, but he is helping his doggie brother. Cat food is not good for doggies!

  5. Now we've seen some cute & funny videos on your site, but this one takes the prize.

  6. MOL hehehehe reminds me of when I had to sticks my paw out to blocks my brofur from getting to my treats! MOL


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