Dec 17, 2010


Slides are fun! But if you don't have a slide, just find your nearest hill, flop onto your back and wiggle and squiggle your way down it like this silly bulldog!

It's all in the hips. Or maybe it's the legs? Or, well, it might just be the tummy jiggle... Either way, doesn't she look like she's having the best time?

P.S. Only a few more days left to donate to Santa Paws Drive! Don't forget the last day for cash donations and buying raffle tickets is December 20. (Have you checked out the raffle prizes?! A year of Greenies, a super pawsome scratcher, Kritter Kondo outdoor pet enclosures... $1,000 worth of prizes!)

P.P.S. Click on "in the hips" up there.


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