Apr 13, 2011

Baby Polar Bear is a Buckethead!

What do you get when you give a baby polar bear a regular blue bucket? A couple minutes of the cutest, most innocent, sweetest video you've ever seen!

It's a hat! It's a toy! It's a step stool! (It sure makes him topple over a lot, though, doesn't it?)

Augo the baby polar bear was born in November at the Aaborg Zoo in Denmark, which makes him about four months old.

BONUS CUTE: A set of cute baby polar bear pictures!

Thanks to Cute's Facebook friend, Lauren, for sharing this cute baby polar bear video!


  1. Don't have to give your cub expensive toys. That guy is creative...

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Someone buy that baby a toy or two!

  3. MAH BUKIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Little bears are very cute.
    Big bears....in the woods.....very scary

  5. That little bear sure likes his bucket. The donkeys here love to move buckets around. Great video

  6. I just hate it when that happens...and the cameras are rolling!

  7. Just how cute can one little bear get? This cute!

  8. Oh my! Adorable!!! A baby is a baby is a baby! Their ALL cute!


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