May 9, 2011

Slow Motion Flying Cats

When you put cats playing with toys in slow motion, don't you think they look a little bit like ninjas?

So much wiggling in the air and twisting and high-jumping and acrobatics! I wouldn't want to be that feather toy when it finally gets caught!

Seriously, though, isn't cool to watch cats in slow motion? Here's a slow motion kitten, too!


  1. Those are some flying acrocats!

  2. Those are some jumping cats. Great video. Thanks for finding this

  3. "...
    don't you think they look a little bit like ninjas?"
    they ARE Ninjas! they're just cleverly disguised ;)

  4. I keep looking at that film again! Beauty.
    I once mentioned an *Ugly Cat Contest'. My friend set me right. She said "There is no such thing as an ugly cat!"

  5. They are really AWESOME CATS ! I'm a cat lover& always will be.

  6. What's way cool about this is that it's such a good look at how cats move. Beautiful!


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