Jun 17, 2011

Baby Monkey Hugs His Teddy Bear

This is Nakai, a baby white-cheeked gibbon monkey. His mother had difficulty at birth, so zookeepers are hand-raising him until he's big enough to go back to his family.

Nakai clings to his teddy bear like it's his mommy and drinks from a bottle up to 10 times a day. He also gets leaves and shrubs and goes out to see his family a few times during the day.

Did I mention that he is ridiculously cute? Or do I not even have to say that since his video made it onto the Cute? ;)

Thanks to Cute's friend Vanessa for sharing this cute baby monkey video!


  1. I already asked. The publicist says I can't have one.

  2. Love Pricilla's comment. That is a cute monkey. Love how he hugs his teddy bear. 

  3. I die every single time I watch this. And I've watched it a lot since last night. 

  4. Oh noes! Now Harley is back on his "I want a monkey" kick!

  5. I asked Pimp if we could get one and he said no, too. Double bummer.


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