Aug 18, 2011

Ever Wonder Where All These Cat Videos Are Made? Kittywood Studios

There are approximately 459 squillion cat videos on the Internet. That's a rough guess, of course. We love to watch them, but have you ever wondered how they are all made?

Well, we finally have the answer! Kittywood Studios is the place were every single cute cat video is made. There are people whose job it is to do nothing but come up with different boxes to put Maru in, adorable sleepy kitten dream sequences and funny cat fight ideas.

Of course, this is all made up, but I really, really wish a place like this existed!

NOTE FROM CUTE: Pimp is going to have his teeth cleaned today! I'm dropping him off super early and then he'll be at the "spa" all day basically while he gets his pearly whites pearled and then wakes up and recovers. It's his first time getting them cleaned, so wish him luck!

UPDATE 1:45 p.m.: The vet called and Pimpy is awake from his teeth cleaning and she said he did great! Yay! I get to pick him up around 4:30. Moo will be so happy to have him back - I can tell he's been wondering where his brother is. :)


  1. Good luck, Pimp! Remember, it's teeth cleaning, not claw cleaning! Just keep the claws sheathed, and it will go well! >o.o<

  2. Hang in there Pimp!! You will be cleaned and good as new in no time!!

  3. This video is so funny! Good luck, Pimp!

  4. Good luck, Pimp! Let us know how you are doing!

  5. I am glad Pimp did well at the kitty dentist. I am very glad there are no goat dentists....

  6. Now that is a dream job!

    Pimp, I can just imagine you smiling with those pearly whites!


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