Aug 19, 2011

Sorry, Kitty... I'm Hungry!

Here is everyone, enjoying a nice relaxing feast. Kibble for both the doggie and kitty in their very own bowl in their very own special flavor.

But wait, it looks like the dog has a new favorite flavor -- whatever the cat is having!

NOTE FROM CUTE: Sigh. Tomorrow's post went up a little earlier. Blogger is being really wonky lately. Think of it as a sneak peak, I guess!


  1. ha ha - nothing like helping yourself to the whole dish!  

  2. Wow, that's surprising that the dog didn't get a claw in the nose for that one!!!

  3. Bad doggie. Not your food. Hope the kitty got some more.

  4. that's exactly why I have part of our condo baby gated and Cody and Dakota are fed in totally separate rooms! :)


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