Sep 24, 2011

Manic Ninja Kitty's Crazy Eyes

Jake is a strikingly handsome black cat with some strikingly amazing eyes. Watch as his pupils get huge as he gets ready to pounce!

The whole video is fun (Jake really is a fun ninja cat!), but the close-ups of the crazy eyes are my favorite parts. Such great shots!


  1. Wonderful video :-) However, I don't think Jake is a "plain" black cat. He looks like a sable Burmese to me, not the American version, that has a very round head and short nose, but the version that is bred in the rest of the world. Whatever he is, he is certainly amazing!

  2. Plain or not, he's still gorgeous! I love all black kitties! :)

  3. What a cool cat! I love his crazy Ninja eyes.

  4. Fantastic-looking kitty!!! Not at all plain... Nope! Not with *those* eyes!!! :-D

  5. He is most definitely not plain, I mean he's not plain black, he is a rich brown color, because I'm almost sure this is a Burmese.


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