Sep 23, 2011

Baby Elephant Just Wants to Play

Kid elephants are just like human kids -- they just want to play! And if they don't have a brother or sister around, well, they have to find someone to play with. Right?

This goofy little elephant at Zoo Berlin (OK, he's not really so little) is ready for some fun, and mom looks like she'd be the perfect playmate! Except she's not really having it...


  1. Hmmm, you don't really say no to that now do you...

  2. so cute!!! i feel like he has baby legs! with baby fat - like a human baby!

  3. Like most tired moms and active kids, right?

  4. That is a very cute rolly polly!!!

  5. Awww. I think Mom is egging him on though. I know I didn't lay on the floor for years, knowing full well that is just asking go be jumped on.


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