Nov 3, 2011

Baby Goat Happy Dance

Who doesn't love a baby pygmy goat dancing for joy? Little goats love to hop for some reason, and from what I've seen on my favorite goat blog, they love to hop on things that are high off the ground, like spools and stumps.

I guess they like to be on top of the world! (Which makes sense, since Quaver the baby goat is at the top of the Cute list today!)

Thanks to Cute's Facebook friend, Julienne, for sharing this cute baby goat hopping video!

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  1. soooo cute!  I love teh way they hop around

  2. Such a cute video! I love how happy the little one looks as he hops from each spot. Great find! Thanks for sharing~

    ~ Kieli ~

  3. We start learning the goat dance of joy early so we can perfect it as we get older.

    Thank you for the maaaa out

  4. That is one great goat kid dance. Sure put a huge smile on my face.  Pricilla is or favorite goat blog too.

  5. Oh my Gosh!! What is with that??? It's so darn adorable!  Great, now I want a baby goat!!! Or my cat to just jump around like that because it is so darn hilarious.  

  6. This is just the happiest little "kid" going!  So sweet and I also would love to have one just to see it's 'happy dance'!  Adorable little person.

  7. cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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