Nov 4, 2011

Cat Petting a Hedgehog

Milo the cat is the new guy in town, and this is his first time meeting Niko, the resident hedgehog.

Milo is a curious kitty, so of course he tries to "pet" him, and quickly learns Niko is a little spiky. The video says that Milo was cautiously tapping a hair brush the next day, too, because it looked spiky like Niko!

Now the two of them are used to each other and get along. It even says Niko goes running full hedgehog speed at Milo and the two of them play!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: See the Santa Paws Drive widget over there on the right side? Santa Paws Drive is officially started again! It's my annual toy and treat drive for shelter pets (think "Toys for Tots" but for cats and dogs). This is our third year and we decided to focus on shelters that help special needs pets. Read all about it at and spread the word!


  1. I have never heard of a pet hedgehog

  2. People do have them! There is a really cute video of one named Schming (I think) swimming, but embedding is disabled. Look for it! :)

  3. Harley is totally obsessed with Bert & Ernie the gerbils, so I think he would LOVE a hedgehog!


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