Nov 16, 2011

Daisy Dings for Treats! (And Some Special Pawprints)

Daisy the Curly Cat is one of my favorite cats in the cat-blogging world, and she very smart, too! In this video, she shows off her new trick -- she rings a bell for treats!

Her Mommeh, as she calls her, taught her that every time she dings the bell on the counter, she gets a treat. She is very good at her trick, and it is fun that she also shows how she learned it!

I think if I taught Pimp this trick, none of us would ever get any rest around here, what with the non-stop dinging...

Also, yesterday I sent a little email out thanking everyone who contributed to Bully's surgery. I was so touched by all the support, that I can't begin to tell you all how much all your comments and kind words mean to me.

In my email, I mentioned that I had gotten a plaster pawprint of Bully's little foot, and that I have four of these now from parking lot kitties that we've helped to the Bridge. They are all very special.

Someone asked if I would share a picture with her, and I did. But I also thought you all might like to see, too. Kitty paws and noses are my favorite part, so I love having these as a tribute.

Clockwise from the top left are Daddy Meow, Boo, Bully and Daisy.


  1. Daisy is so cute and so smart! That's an awesome trick! =)

    And yes, the paw prints are very nice mementos of our furry loved ones. I have one of our little rottie that crossed the Bridge a few years back. It's a sweet gift of the beginning of their journey as they cross the Bridge.

    Thank you for sharing these with us. =)

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. Your posts about the parking lot kitties, Pimp & Moe bring a lot of happiness & cheer. It was my pleasure to donate to Bully's fund and Santa Paws

  3. Miss Daisy is BRILLIANT!! Did you see the toy she had where she found the treats? That lady knows how to earn her noms and look bootiful doing it!

  4. Thank you for sharing and all the love you've given the "Parking Lot Babies".

  5. I am so proud and happy to share my newest trick! Thank you so much. 

    The clay paws are beautiful.

  6. Daisy you are so pretty and so smart!!!  I will have to see if I can get Grayball to do that.,    God Bless the Parking lot Moms and all who help animals!!

  7. What a smarty cat Daisy is!! Lenny would ring that thing until it borke! haahaa

    Thanks for sharing your memorial paws with us! What a great way to keep their memory. 

  8. Daisy = Very Smart!

    I love the paw prints. What a beautiful memorial to the babies you gave so much love. Thank you.

  9. What a clever girl Daisy is. ;-)

    My hubby would leave me if I ever brought home the cremains of any of my angels.  So instead, the vet does a clay paw print and shaves off a patch of fur for me to bring home.  I think they are very nice mementos to have of my three angels.  Hubby knows about the prints, but I don't think he knows about the fur. ;-)

  10. I love that video of Daisy.She is really something, isn't she.  I love those paw prints. Our vet does the same thing. They are so neat to keep. It is really special
    I am going to try to do a post about the Santa Drive. I am sorry we haven't been to visit. We have been really busy running auction. 
    Tale care/

  11. Daisy sure makes that look easy, doesn't she?? She is very clever indeed!!

    I'm just grateful Hobbes doesn't know how to do this--he would be couch-size!!

    I'm so very sorry to read about your friend, Bully. That story made me very sad.  I have a few parking lot kitties at work and I always think of you when I see them. I don't have to take care of them because there are some truck drivers who do that already.

    I would like to think Bully and his family are angels who watch out for all parking lot kitties.

  12. That first kitty was so amazing. We thought it would just keep ringing and ringing until it threw-up all those treats. But then she pushed the bell away and started to wash. Very, very smart cat. We follow Daisy's blog but didn't know she has this talent. We bet Harley can't do that. Thanks for sharing these darling videos. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


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