Nov 15, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: Moo Wants Out!

I posted one of these pictures on our Facebook page this week, and here's the rest of the set in a slideshow!

Every single time I sit out on my beach balcony, Moo is just dying to get out there with me. I don't let him, because it's not screened in, but sometimes I'll take him out holding him and sit in the chair so he can get the fresh breeze.

Poor thing, huh? This is what I look at every day I work from home!

Can't see the slideshow? See the pictures here.

Mooooom! Let me out with you!


  1. My He-Be does the same thing, lol

  2. Moo, you need to get an Outdoor Funhouse!

  3. Moo is so cute. I love his markings! :-)

  4. Moo, I can see your pink toes thru the glass and your white belly, your nose is very pink and cute also.  Be glad you have a Mommy that protects you!!! Kisses!!!

  5. I bet that won't be happening once Moo becomes President.   *taps Moo's cute little nose* P  

  6. Do you blame him?

    Be sure to come by today. Abby actually has something nice to say....

  7. We live also at the Beach, on the 10th floor.Our two kitties spend every possible minute out on the balcony. They know exactly about the hight below them and don't even dare to jump out.You should have let Moo out when he was a kitten and now he could enjoy the seaa breeze as you do yourself. One can be overprotective - no pun intended.

  8. Hi Misha! I wish I had known Moo as a kitten. I bet he was the most precious little thing. I mean, look how cute he is all grown up!

    Moo adopted me a few years ago when he strolled up to my back porch (back when I lived on a lake, not the beach, on the ground floor). He hung out back there for 3 weeks until I realized I'd be crushed if he disappeared, so I brought him in as a permanent member of our family. The vet figured he was just over a year old at the time.

    When we moved to this place a couple years ago, I was worried he'd jump to the ledge (he's a little bugger, that Moo!), so better safe than sorry. 

    Pimp has had a balcony before that he LOVED, but it was screened in. I am going to get them some kind of enclosure for out there for Christmas probably. I know they'll love it, and I spend too much time out there to be away from them. :)

    I'm glad your babies are so well trained! Luckies!

  9.  There's a film you can get to put on the patio doors, and Moo cannot see you. You'll still get light, but it will be like a mirror on the inside looking out. He just won't be able to see you out on the balcony. I would do that AND....don't look at him, you'll be too guilt ridden. Cute little fellow he is!
     BTW, I have heard a few horror stories about cats accidentally falling off of balconies like these, honestly, and I wouldn't take that chance, EVER! One person told me that the cat jumped at a bird in flight and fell, really can't be too careful.
    X's to all you kitty lovers and your kitties!

  10. Can't you get him one of those screened rooms like Daisy has?  Maybe you can find one to fit on your balcony and then he can go out and enjoy the breeze without you worrying.

  11. he is so cute.what a mischief maker.

  12. Maybe you could pop Moo into a cat-harness and make a little run (like a dog run) on your balcony and have him out there in the evening every night to enjoy the the last rays of the sun with you. Moo is too sweet (and pleasantly plump) and obviously knows how to play you! What a clever boy!


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