Dec 7, 2011

How Cats Open Christmas Presents

Some people delicately remove each piece of tape and gently remove paper. Others act reserved, but move quickly. But Chip the Christmas Cat... he isn't shy about his wrapping ripping. He wants his present out of there now!

It's a no-holds-barred fight to the finish, complete with bunny kicks, teeth shredding and claw grappling. This must be the BEST PRESENT EVER!

NOTE FROM CUTE: Thank you all for voting so far for Santa Paws Drive in the Facebook poll yesterday! We still have some time to vote, so if you haven't yet (a vote is a click in the actual poll, not just a comment left on their page), please head over and take a second to click and vote here! Santa Paws Drive is behind, but let's try for a comeback!

I think the official poll started about 11 a.m. ET yesterday, so it should be open till around then today. They said it was 24 hours. Thank you!


  1. I hope I get to open my own presents this year! 

  2. And I hope your Mommeh gets it on video! :)

  3. I think he got into the catnip before opening presents!

  4. Aw! I had a cat growing up that would do that...and not just for his presents, but for everyone's! He was CRAZY for Christmas!


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