Dec 5, 2011

New Olympic Sport: Synchronized Cat Kneading

Making biscuits is a very important skill for kitties. Most of them get really good at it, but side-by-side and do Synchronized Kneading is a very advanced, very well-practiced event. These two have it down pat!

Moo is stellar at Solo Kneading, by the way. Sometimes I joke that I don't even need fabric softener because he loves to "soften" my warm, clean laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer!

NOTE FROM CUTE: Don't forget I need you to vote for Santa Paws Drive on the Fancy Feast Facebook page tomorrow! It's a 24-hour poll between three organizations, and the winner gets the 4 wedding gowns used in the Fancy Feast "Love Story" wedding commercials! Then we can auction them off and raise even more money for the special needs shelter animals this Christmas! I'll remind you tomorrow, too, but mark your calendars, please! And thank you. :) MUAH!


  1. Beautiful markings on these cats. Would have liked to hear them purring :-)

  2. Synchronised biscuit-making!!! Very important kitty skill!!!

  3. They are talented kitties for sure

  4. I giggled at this because, for an instant, I thought the small one was mocking, you know? :) But just imitating: the strongest form of flattery!


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