Dec 6, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp and Moo's Haikus

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today Pimp and Moo are feeling very poetic and wanted to share some haikus they wrote. Who knew they were so talented?!

Pimp gets to share one first, because he's the oldest:

Gimme treats now or else
You won't ever sleep or rest
Meow meow NOW!

Moo wrote this fine piece of prose:

O hai there, it's Moo
Cuddle purr headbutt leg rub
Boxes make good beds.

Is there anything these two can't do? :)

P.S. I need a one-second favor from you all if you don't mind. There is a poll going on over on Facebook and my Santa Paws Drive needs your vote! If we win, it would mean a lot of extra money would be donated to our special needs shelters this year! It only takes a second -- head over to Facebook to see where to vote (please and THANK YOU!).


  1. Wonderful haikus! They are indeed extremely talented!

  2. It looks like the voting is not open yet... I'll check back later today! 

  3. Thanks, Daisy! It looks like they didn't put it up yet either. I'll try and send out some Facebook and Twitter reminders to vote when I see it go live to help, too!

  4. Hi all! Last I looked, the voting wasn't open yet, but please click over and check for yourself in case it went up since I last did. I'm guessing someone over there has to wake up, have their coffee and then post it. :) I really appreciate it!  :) - Dorian

  5. My haiku for Pimp and Moo

    Elegant Kitties
    extremely CUTE!

  6. will you remind me later when I get home :-)

  7. Don't see the poll yet but I'll be popping over there to check randomly. People are commenting like crazy on their wall, I don;t think that counts!

  8. It's up, Daisy!

  9. Official poll is up! Here's the direct link to vote:

  10. I wrot a haiku too!
    Vote fur ur frends
    Your Daily Cute
    Santa Paws Drive!

  11. Such talent! Love the haikus.

    Voted for you and
    asked all my Face Book friends to
    vote for Santa Paws

  12. Leave all the talent to the fur puursons.


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