Feb 6, 2012

In Case You Missed It: The Kitty Halftime Show 2012!

In case you missed it yesterday on Animal Planet, here is the Kitty Halftime Show that ran during the Puppy Bowl 2012!

Last year, Moo watched the Kitty Halftime Show and loved it. Did any of your kitties or puppies watch it or the Puppy Bowl? It's way better than the Super Bowl every single year!

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  1. Thanks i missed it. Love my lil kitties

  2. Big Bad Baby Twinkle<-- sez:"Cute but they shoulda Cat-Nip-ified those kitties before the show. Why me and Miss Princess usta gaaalllop down Meowmie's hallway like a herd of buffaloes! Mosta these kitties are cute but sloooow.

  3. Much more entertaining than that whacked out Madonna


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