Feb 11, 2012

Kitten Obstacle Course

I want to eat this kitten up. And not just because she seems to be a kitten after my own heart with her love of carbs (what is it with all the bread toys?!), but mostly because of her little rat tail.

And her mew. And her incredible obstacle course skills. I mean, look... she is not about to let that loaf get in the way of her and her milk!

P.S. Recognize this little baby? It's Bean Cake from the Diary of a Cute Kitten!

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  1. Hahaahaahaa! Bean Cake has her own bakery!!! Gah, I love that name!

  2. That little tiny kitty really wants that milk. Too cute and she/he has a great meow. Take care.

  3. she is saying "I'm too little to do obstacle course" I love those spiky tails!!!

  4. Oh just give the poor baby its milk!!!!

  5. You know you're tiny when you are smaller than bread!


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