May 9, 2012

Dog Plays Fetch With Himself

Napoleon knows how to have a good time all by himself, thank you very much! Who says fetch has to be a two-person game?

All he needs is a ball and some stairs, and he can have hours of fun all by himself! Go fetch!

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  1. It's not only fun, it's great exercise! :)

  2. I had a deaf cat once who used to do the same thing - sit at the top of the stairs, bat the ball down, and her little head would nod as it hit each step, then she would scurry down, pick it up and start the same thing all over again!

  3. That was neet he did not have to be entertained

  4. lovely video the only thing that scare me is if the ball can go in the street then you have one dead Napoleon I think that would devastate the owner I know it would me


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