May 29, 2012

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp's Latest Bed Rotation and Moo's Mug

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! This past week Pimp did what Pimp does best -- he switched beds because he knew I was thinking about getting rid of the other one.

We have five cat beds in this house, plus my bed, plus the couch, plus the papasan chair. Pimp uses every single one of them, which is a little bit ridiculous because this is only a one-bedroom apartment and we don't have room for all these accessories. And yet, I keep them all.

Why? Because he rotates them like the sneaky genius that he is. He'll pick a favorite and abandon all the others, and I'll start thinking about getting rid of one or two of them. And then, no sooner than I have the thought, I come home and see him on exactly the one I was thinking about getting rid of (that he hasn't used for months, mind you), looking as comfortable as could be.

Chillin' in my donut bed. Tacky as it is, you're not throwing it out.
Every. Single. Time.

I'd like to buy him some new stuff, but I'm just afraid it means we'll have six or seven beds -- because that's how we got to five in the first place. Because I can't get rid of old ones.

Now for Moo's mug. Did you think I had a coffee mug made? I have thought about it! But, no, not for this post. Moo's mug is him mugging for the camera.

I am Moo. See me mug.
Have you ever seen a cuter mug? That was him relaxing on my chest while we were lying on the couch. I can't relax without him on me or near me.

And guess what?! One more kitty today for Two Cats Tuesday. It's Three Cats Tuesday!

This is a kitty I saw last week at my new office's parking lot. It seems like such a great place for cats -- kind of quiet, off the main road, lots of trees and a wooded area... I just knew there had to be cats there! But I hadn't seen any until then. I haven't seen him since either, but I'm sure he must have friends.

Next time I see him, I'll check to see if he's ear-tipped. He was pretty skittish and took off as soon as I started toward him.

Oh hai! I'm the new guy. What should my name be?
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  1. Of course, like all cats, Pimp is psychic!

  2. Pimp and Moo are both so beautiful....of course Pimp is questioning why you would even thing of getting rid of that particular bed.  My 2 fosters have 4 beds, my bed, sofa and 2 swivel  rockers which are favourites with both.  Spoiled!  Yeah and still won't come to bed to cuddle - she's too skittish!

  3. The new 'ginger' boy doesn't look to be ear-tipped to me but it could be a very small one.  Maybe he's just disorientated and only visits on occasion.

  4. Yeah, I only thought about it as an afterthought and it's hard to tell from the picture. I've been keeping my eye out for him though. The other woman who feeds my original parking lot kitties with me is an excellent trapper, so if the new ginger needs to be fixed, we'll get to it!

  5. My kitties and I agree that he should be named Peabody!

  6. Pimp you are so smart!!  Grayball loves to rotate sleeping spots too...... Moo your pink nose is sooooo cute !!!  I am sure you will become friends soon with the new Parking lot kitty...hope your job is going well!!

  7. Smart Pimp. You certainly know how to keep Mom guessing, don't you?  As far as the parking lot kitty, Sunny was the first name that came to mind.

  8. Hi Pimp & Moo. The ginger kitty looks guarded but sweet and not ear-tipped.

  9. Have you also noticed that once you put a cat bed on something it is forever theirs? I put one on top of a bookcase to get it off the floor while I vacuumed. When I looked for it to put the room back together I had a cat sleeping on it with a "why did you put it up here if you didn't want me to sleep here?" look on her face. 

  10. The male person says the publicist has "catdar". No matter where she goes stray cats find her. You must have it too

  11. That cute ginger parking lot kitty looks exactly my Sparky, who hitched a ride to my house under the hood of my husband's mini van!

  12. My boys play cat bed roulette all the time. I never know from day to day what the fav is going to be. I think it's a game for them. Love the Moo mug !!!!! Parking lot kitty looks like my Louie. Have you seen the kitty since?

  13. Oh, that Pimp! He's messin' with you, Mommeh! ;)

    We have office cats too and everyone complains about them.  They had a litter just recently and now they are all gone. I'm not sure if someone got rid of them or if they naturally just left.  Either way, I miss seeing them--they sure were cute.  

  14. I never noticed how lightly colored Moo's little nose is! It is so sweet.
    Poor parking lot kitty 8-(  They all deserve love. Thank you!X's

  15. First  of all congratulations for having found a new job that you like. I wish you all the luck in the world. I'm in the process of moving and might overlooked the good news.
    This new found kitty of yours looks exactly like my little boy. It is so nice of you to want taking care of stray cats at your new parking space as you did at your old one. You're such a wonderfl person and I hope you'll be blessed.


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