Jul 1, 2012

Three Cats, One Paper Bag

Cat 1: Dude! A paper bag! I'm going in.

Cat 2: No wait! I want to go in. Move over... I think I fit too!

Cat 3: Whoa whoa whoa, you guys. Is that a bag?! Get out of the way so I can see. Lemme see! Lemme see!

Good thing their owner came to his senses at the end...


  1. Sorry, cats, no fish filets left in the McDonalds' bag... :-)

  2. It's much better /  more fun to have cats in those bags, than what must have been in them earlier.

  3. Nope it smells like food but it's empty guys, false alarm!!

  4. It's "Cow Kitty Sunday"!!!! and a ginger to boot !!!

  5. How do you get 3 cats to keep a clooar on? All 3 of mine pop their collars off pretty quickly and then I have to hunt for them.

  6. The bag was just the right size for 3 kitty happy meals.

    I'm going to go and get a bag for mine right now!


  7. That is the cutest cat video I've seen in a while! It's as though they were following a cue. Noticed that even though the toy was a serious interest, they didn't come out of the sacks. Lol


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