Jul 19, 2012

Tiny Kitten Takes on Big Doberman

Seven-week-old foster kitten, Pancake, knows a friend when she sees one... and this giant doberman is one of those!

Sugar Tree is a two-year-old doberman whose house has suddenly been taken over by this miniature little beast of a playmate who swats and flops and bites, and Sugar Tree just delicately plays back as if Pancake was one of her own kids.

I think the kitten won this battle!

Thanks to Cute's fab friend, Tamar from I Have Cat, for sharing this cute kitten and doberman video with us!

NOTE FROM CUTE: Yesterday Chalse started his transport journey to his new home! I drove him halfway to Tampa, where I met my sister. She then drove him to Tampa, where he spent the night with fellow Cutehead, Melissa. Today they're hitting the road for Georgia!

I've been posting pictures on the Cute's Facebook page if you want to follow along. I'll work on a big update post later in case you don't have Facebook, too. We are doing such a great thing here!

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  1. With good reason! Did you see that fierce kitten?! ;)

  2. What is the URL to Chalse's Facebook page? :)

  3. At 0:15 you can see all the kitten fur on Sweet's schnoz. Adorable!

  4. Aw, I bet he'd love to have his own page! Right now, he's just using mine. Hehe. http://facebook.com/yourdailycute

  5. Too cute. Hope he doesn't swallow that kitten. So excited to hear about Chaise. Dorian, you do so much good and I for one sure do thank you.

  6. Ooooh, that kitty could have been an appetizer!

  7. This is, I think, the sweetest dog-and-kitten video I've seen. The dog is sooooo loving! Gentle playing. Just made me smile more and more.

  8. What an adorable video.   


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