Jul 17, 2012

Two Cats Tuesday: A Rare Role Reversal!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Those of you who've been following along probably think you have Pimp and Moo's personalities pretty figured out: Moo is the goofball and Pimp is the wise, rational one.

Well, that's the case about 90% of the time. Sometimes, Pimp forgets he's 13 years old and goes nuts out of nowhere.

What are you looking at?
There I was just quietly using the computer when I started to hear a ruckus behind me. Can you believe that ruckus was Pimp bunny-kicking his Moderncat ModKicker toy? He was going crazy!

I love when he does that. He doesn't play as much as he used to, but when he does... watch out, toys!

Then, the next day I was lying on the couch (which I usually do with Pimp on top of me) and I looked up and this is what I saw...

I was going crazy earlier. I earned this nap.
A relaxing Moo! He's usually the one going nuts with his ears all back running through the house like a wild hyena (wild hyenas do that, right?). But right that second he was as calm as could be.

Something fishy going on over here!

P.S. Pimp and Moo wanted to remind you to vote again today for The Petties finalists! The winners each get a $1,000 donation to a shelter of their choice. If I win, the Cats Exclusive kitties get the money! Yay! Vote here: http://petties.dogtime.com/ or by clicking the badge. Thank you!


  1. You just never know with kitties

  2. Been voting for you guys daily! Good luck! P.S. I have two cats too and its usually the 1 year old who goes crazy but every now and then, Bosco my 7 year old, has fits of crazy as well. LOVE it!
    P.P.S. Hope you can stop by our blog at its new location to check out the latest giveaway! :o)www.catteemission.com/blog

  3. That's right boys, confuse your mother. Just when she thinks she's got your act down you do something to disorient her. This is how you slowly turn a perfectly normal cat loving woman into a Crazy Cat Lady!

  4. Disorientating felines ... even just *one* feliney going mental can be disorientating!!! >^.^<

  5. LOL.....just love those cats!!!  

  6. Maybe they did one of those body switch things like in freaky friday!!!!! How can we get them switched back????

  7. 8-)) I love when they bunny kick!
    My 10 yr old Pippee flits around every evening for just a few minutes, playing and cavorting by her little self! It's very cute to watch....and funny.
    Pimp is simply keeping in shape, albeit a bit less frequently these days.

  8. Pimp's back legs are soooo cute! They look kind of like real bunny feets. 

  9. Just when you think you have them figured out.....


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