Sep 20, 2012

Cat Does the Tub Slide

If you think of the sides of the tub as big, fun slides, then you can kind of see what this cat was thinking. Apparently he does this all the time, and the Tub Slide is one of his best moves.

As long as there isn't any water in the tub, of course. I don't know many kitties who would like a water slide.

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  1. heh. Sherpa the Farm cat likes to SIT in the tub. The publicist thinks he thinks it's another big box.

  2. Another sport my "Olive" has mastered. After she's all nice and wet, she takes her bath.....the cat way...

  3. that is a combo head butt/slide. very original! I have seen kitties in sinks, kitties under stream of water, but NEVER tub slide!! cute!! :-D


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