Nov 26, 2012

Maine Coon's Silly Drinking Dance

Sometimes you get so happy about something that you just have to do a little happy dance. I am pretty sure that's what this gorgeously fluffy Maine Coon is doing at her water bowl.

Yay fresh water! Cha cha cha.

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  1. We should all be so appreciative of water, as that cat.

  2. lol...and I thought that my cat Newt

    (Maine Coon) was the only one that scratches the ground before drinking his water!! Guess that means he's normal

  3. My Maine coon mix foster does that - it, and her size, are the reasons we (the shelter & I) think she is part MC. She gets SO excited over water. If she thinks the bowl needs to be refilled she will lead me to the water cooler, and if she gets too impatient will put her paws on my knees to hurry me up. And she comes running if she hears the glug, glug of water being dispensed from the cooler.

  4. I love it! My kitty, Andre, comes running whenever I use the ice maker. Very funny!

  5. My Louie does this. He's not a Maine Coon, just a 16 lb orange tabby.

  6. Oh my gosh! My two do that!! What is with that dance???!

  7. Lol!! Cute! my kitties just drink out of all the faucets in our house & refuse to touch their water bowls even moments after I refresh them...and i indulge this of course lol

  8. My cats do this too. She's trying to get the water to move since cats prefer moving water to drink.


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