Dec 16, 2012

Cat Chasing His Tail in a Bucket

You'd think that in such a small space like a bucket, a cat could finally catch his tail... but you'd be wrong.

Those darn tails are impossible to catch!

NOTE FROM CUTE: Have you checked out the Santa Paws Drive raffle yet? We've stopped collecting toys and treats (so Santa can ship them off in time!), but you can still enter the raffle -- tickets are only one dollar and all proceeds go directly to the shelters!

You can win a custom pet portrait by BZTAT, a ModernCat Cat Trapeze, a year of Feline or Canine Greenies, a year "wardrobe" of collars from Sweet Pickles Designs (one for every month!), a Drinkwell 360 Fountain from PetSafe, a huge PetFusion Scratcher Lounge prize pack and more! Check out the raffle items!

The last day for cash donations and raffle tickets is Thursday, December 20. Thank you all for all the support! This is shaping up to be the best Christmas ever for our shelters!

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  1. that is cute;I think he is letting them know at the last he is tired

  2. Texas, a Cat in New YorkDecember 16, 2012 at 9:22 AM

    Those tails of ours can be very mischievous sometimes!

  3. Those tails can be tricky! You have to be approach them gently, is what those kitties don't seem to grasp. Then they are easy to catch. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  4. Great video. Looks like he caught his tail a couple of times. Two Two can catch hers.
    Take care. Good job on the Santa Paws Drive.

  5. That cat's a beast! I know, I have a black kitty, and she is just as crazy.....but oh so very entertaining! <3

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