Dec 18, 2012

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp Has a Drinking Problem and Moo Helps Me Clean

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Pimp and Moo are just going about their regular business today, and they wanted to share it with you.

First, let's discuss Pimp's drinking problem. He truly has one. You see, he does not drink out of bowls like regular cats. He drinks out of the bathroom sink... and my water glass.

Who wants to cheers?
He's so proper, isn't he? Unlike his brother, Moo, who does not know how to act. I was cleaning (for hours!) this past weekend, and Moo wanted to help.

We all know how "helpful" cats are.

I am happily holding down this garbage bag for mom!
Then after he was done helping me get all the stuff I was donating and throwing out separated, he proceeded to sit in this box -- so I couldn't throw it away.

I am also making sure she can't actually throw away some garbage.
And one more funny thing I wanted to share today! Look at how awesome this is that I got in the mail from Purina Cat Chow... it's a bag of Cat Chow with me and Pimp's picture on it!

They had asked me for high-res photo a while back, but I totally forgot and didn't know what it was for until this arrived. Fun, huh?

Pimp and I on a Cat Chow bag!
Funny story about this, too. (Purina, if you're reading, you're going to laugh too!)

So, a big box arrives at my house and I have no idea what it is. It has "Fragile" written on it, so I'm careful. It is all kinds of taped up with super-heavy-duty tape that doesn't want to cut or rip, so I work at even just opening the box for at least three minutes.

Once I get in the box, I see that it is full of packing peanuts. Pimp is pleased. He likes to bat them around. I try to figure out how to get them out of there to see what is underneath without making a huge mess.

Once I manage that, I notice that there is a ton of bubble wrap around whatever is in there. (Bubble wrap! Fun!) Yeah, no. This thing has bubble wrap wrapped around bubble wrap with huge clear packing tape securing each layer. I spend no less than 10 minutes trying to unwrap and cut the bubble wrap.

THEN I get in there and I see that it's a Cat Chow bag. There is a nice card on top of it from Cat Chow saying how nice it was to meet me earlier this year when I went up to visit and all. Very sweet!

To be honest, I don't even notice the bag. I am just slightly annoyed that I have to open it to see whatever is inside (at this point, I'm thinking they cleverly wrapped some kind of gift in a Cat Chow bag, because it's heavy, but clearly not with cat food).

So I start trying to open the bag, but it is practically super-glued shut. No cat food bag has ever been this hard to open! I contemplate just ripping it or taking scissors to it, but finally get it open (it's now been, I kid you not, 15 minutes).

And what is inside? More packing peanuts... and a piece of wood.

A piece of wood?! I have a sense of humor, but I was a little annoyed. All of this for a silly joke? Argh!

So I call my friend Tamar from I Have Cat and ask her if Cat Chow sent her something. (At this point I'm thinking they forgot to enclose whatever they meant to in the bag.) She says yes. I asked what they sent her...

And she says a Cat Chow bag with her picture. So I look at my bag, finally, and notice.

And felt completely silly and ridiculous.

Thank you, Cat Chow! This was honestly very sweet, and super cute. :)

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  1. love the confessions. and this is why you rock. lol! you left out the part where i was howling uncontrollably. Cute post in addition to that part btw! :)

  2. I like Pimp's style btw....and you need a proper wine glass woman!

  3. ok, and this is why I shouldn't be on email at 4am. you said WATER not WINE Glass. nevermind!

  4. Cats help humans slow down and appreciate the important things in life: us. Pawsome photo on the cat chow bag. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  5. Fasstasticat! Love it and yes, isn't it a trial to open all the packing tape,then remove the pellets, and yet you had more bubble wrap! Dorian, you puuurrrr! Didn't notice your own picture with's pretty awesome anyway. Do you know if they are going to use that on regular bags they will be selling. Would be fantastic! A free picture of you and Pimp. Is Moo jealous? BTW, several of our kitties used to drink from our glasses! Especially one on my night stand, and the vanity (when they were younger). Cool!

  6. By the way I forgot to say that Pimp looks pawsatively cute in that box. Don't throw it away! Put a towel in it too.

  7. Lol,4 of my cats drink out of my water glass,it got so crazy for they all started doing it ( i have 9 ) that i now have a plastic cup filled with water at all times for them and i now drink out of a water bottle! What we do for our kitties! I love what Purina sent you,hope you frame it!

  8. I have been saying that you need to be their spokesperson!!!! You are perfect to do ads for them!!! Grayball also likes to drink out of water glasses, she tried to do it when a friend of mine was over and my friend snatched the glass away from her, I think she was a little offended!!! LOL Have fun this week!!! Merry Christmas

  9. I'm sure the cats thought you were bonkers, at several stages of the day.
    Why do humans fill otherwise perfectly good boxes with "stuff"?

  10. All our kitties drink from water glasses, they have their own on the coffee table and Nala has hers upstairs by her food. :) They are spoiled! And our kitties love the packing peanuts too!

  11. Love the pic of you and Pimp.....! Enjoyed seeing Pimp enjoying his drink out of your glass and Moo helping you clean!!! Merry Christmas to all of you!! <3

  12. That's fantastic that Purina made you a Cat Chow bag w. your and Pimp's pic on it! They have a clever marketing department. Now you have all that bubble wrap, peanuts, and wood (?) to wrap holiday preasants!

  13. Beautiful picture of you and Pimp! I've only been subscribing for a month or so and I must tell you that you really make my day. My head calms and my heart opens. The entire world needs a Daily Cute every day. Thank you so much for creating this website. P.S. One of our cats is a water-glass cat, too. He never spills a drop!

  14. The BEST pic to ever adorn a bag of pet food! Two beauties!

  15. What a great picture of you and Pimp. I had to LOL when you were explaining unwrapping the bag and then wondering why they sent you more peanuts and a block of wood, sound like something I would do.

  16. Awww, thank you so much! This made my night to read. I love doing this, and I'm glad other people love it just as much!

    Pimp is pretty neat about it, too... I just worry he'll accidentally knock it over! ;)

  17. This is awesome!! Congrats for having your picture with Pimp on a bag of cat food. Great pic! Pimp and Moo are adorable as usual. Have a great day!

    Happy Holidays!


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