Jan 23, 2013

Kitten Relaxing With a Bunch of Baby Chicks

Oh, you know... Just chillin' and relaxin' surrounded by a bunch of chicks. It's a rough life, but some boy's gotta do it, right?

Maybe the baby chicks are just all fuzzy and comfy, because this ginger kitten is super cuddled up with a ton of them. Clearly, he's quite the chick magnet!

NOTE FROM CUTE: Guess what? We have another huge transport coming up! I have talked a little bit on the Facebook page and maybe here, but it's getting close! Nine cats and kittens have been busted out of animal control and are headed up to Illinois in a few weeks!

I'll be putting up an all-call for driver volunteers soon with the route we'll take, but if you want to sign up in advance to help out with transports (this one or a future one!), please fill out this quick form. The kitties and I (and their future forever families!) thank you!

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  1. Simply down-to-earth cuddling.....don't know who is keeping who warm but kitty is enjoying all that downy fluffy stuff.
    Kudoos to the jail-breaker again! Wonderful stuff but when they start investigating, I hope they send you a handsome Detective who loves cats. (I read too many mystery books)

  2. That is off the charts as far as cuteness! those chicks need more kittens so they can all get warm

  3. Absolutely adorable!!! <3

  4. Hey! (or is that hay?!) There are chickens on my blog today too. Are they taking over the world? If so - run!

  5. That was too much fluffy cuteness for my brain to handle. I just want to climb in there with them!

  6. This kitten is probably wondering why all these delicious things are hanging around and why they're almost the same colour, he and most of them, but he's never uttered a peep in his life!!!

  7. Guess there are too many chicks for the kitty to sit on them all to keep them warm like a mother hen!


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