Mar 20, 2013

Baby Hedgehog Yawns!

All you need is 13 seconds to make your day a little cuter today!

Tiny baby hedgehogs get tired just like the rest of us... only they yawn way cuter than any of us could ever hope to. Take a little hedgehog powernap, baby!

NEXT TRANSPORT: Fort Lauderdale, FL to Cumberland, Maine!
So far, we've got two momma cats, six babies and a handsome mancat named Samuel L. Catson lined up to be safe and on the road to their happy forever lives! They are heading up to a rescue in Maine... and it's up to us Cuteheads to get them there!

Here is the map. If you are anywhere along the route, please sign up as a volunteer driver so I can contact you! Here is the signup form. Thank you!

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  1. That was just what I needed! Safe travels to the kitties and the cuteheads and happy furrever lives!

  2. shirley sanderson wingateMarch 20, 2013 at 8:29 AM

    shared with friends in Boston =) i heard from the rescue that I used to volunteer with that they don't have any kittens and have a waiting list. Never known that to happen before in this area. Maybe TNR is startong to take effect here in the flatland and cornfields of Illinois =)

  3. Ever, ever so cute.....however, it did make me yawn and want to go crawl back into bed instead of the shower! They are really sweet....are they rather spiky when babies? I've never seen one of course and don't know if they are here in Canada or not. They roll up like a caterpillar I believe from what I've seen. Happy upcoming travelling for more lovely babies. That IS a long haul.

  4. WOW - read the last post from Illinois! Unbelievable but it is still early -you know about cats in May!

  5. Samuel L. Catson - Bwamaaahahahaha. Very funny.

    The hedgehog is indeed, very cute

  6. Excellent! Thanks, Shirley! That's what we're doing with Maine... they don't have any kittens and we have too many! This way we can save more lives. Hurray! :)

  7. Andrea & the Celestial KittiesMarch 20, 2013 at 2:43 PM

    Awwww too cute!


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