Apr 13, 2013

#16catroadtrip: It's Transport Day! 16 Cats Going 1,600 Miles!

It's transport day again. Our favorite kind of day! This weekend's fabulous road trip takes 16 lucky kitties all rescued from kill shelters all the way up to Maine!

We've got a bunch of mommas and their babies, a few babies with no mommas and one handsome black mancat named Samuel L. Catson who are all hitting the road, being driven to their new forever lives by a bunch of wonderful Cutehead drivers! Hurray!

It all started when our rescue friend, Stacey of Good Karma Pet Rescue, sent me a picture of an amazing black cat. He was a little rough looking, like he'd had bit of a hard life, but his eyes were soft and sweet and his head was enormous. I took one look at that picture and declared him Samuel L. Catson. I don't know why. I guess he looked like him.

This is the picture I got. How could we not help him?
I love big-head kitties! And black kitties! And the kitties that maybe no one would adopt! So I knew I had to help get him out. I also knew he needed to be wearing a beret and glasses like Samuel L. Jackson, so I took to the Cute's Facebook page and asked if any Cuteheads were good with Photoshop. Within minutes, we had this...

Tada! Samuel L. Catson!
I had a feeling Samuel might test FIV+, so we asked the shelter to do it, and he did. No worries! That's not a big deal. But now I knew we needed to rescue him for sure, because that might give him less of a chance to get out. I reached out to our good friends at HART of Maine (they were a Santa Paws Drive shelter last year!), because I knew they might be able to take him in and they said yes. Yeah! Samuel was going to Maine!

Then we figured, hey, since we're going up there, we might as well fill up the car... So we decided to load it up with momma cats and their kittens!

Money, Willow and Walnut - three of the "Tree" family babies! There is also brother Maple and mom Magnolia.
The Fairies! Mom Merryweather and babies Flora and Fauna.
The Bakery Bunch! Mom Poppy and babies Wonder, Melba, Raisin and Pumpernickel!
Pumpernickel up close. Because, seriously?
The Beanie Babies, Pinto and Lima!
You can follow along with their transport today and tomorrow on Your Daily Cute's Facebook page and on Twitter using the hashtag #16catroadtrip. I'll be tweeting as @YourDailyCute, of course! Help us cheer these kitties on!

We kick off at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow!

Huge thank you to all our fosters and caretakers - Maraly and Bob W., Colleen M., Kelly H., Tara R., Dawn S. and Kerri H. Huge thanks to all our drivers: Vicki O., Lisa B., Kd P., Shirley G., Melanie M., Desiree B., Sarah D., Andrea D., Keely F., Linda G., Kandr, Barbara T., Jennifer J., Danielle B., and Hannah D.! And extra special thanks to Margaret B., a wonderful volunteer at HART and Sue T., the kitten coordinator there for making this possible!

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  1. Hope they all are healthy enough to make this long trip and don't get overheated. Hope they get enough water too. Just worried as usual for animals. Glad you got them out of the shelter. :)

  2. Happy, happy that you got the last leg covered and they will be on their way in 4 hours! Wonderful news and great work as usual in the breakouts Dorian, and thanks to all the Cuteheads involved! Great news. They are all beautiful, - Samuel in his beret and glasses, and what can I saw about the babies, esp. sweetest Pumpernickel!

  3. They are all so adorable! Safe travels to all the wonderful people helping and to the kitties!

  4. I personally think pumpernickel looks more like a marbled rye : ). Best wishes to all the kitties and drivers ! Samuel , you rock!

  5. Dorian....this is just amazing.....as amazing as you!!! You do such a great job. Love Samuel! And all the mommas and their babies. Special thanks to all the drivers, fosters and caregivers along the way. Safe trip to all. <3

  6. Texas, a Cat in New YorkApril 13, 2013 at 9:11 AM

    Good luck for the transportation and as always lots of thanks and purrs!

  7. Janet@TheCatOnMyHeadApril 13, 2013 at 9:53 AM

    Such good work and so inspirational. We wish them a safe trip to their new homes. Mom says, if she knew which way you were traveling she might have to highjack you and run away with Pumpernickel and Samuel. She has a huge soft spot for black kitties as well. Prayers for a safe journey. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  8. They are all so beautiful thanks to everyone who is involved, you are doing a great thing!!! God Bless you all! Safe travels!!!!

  9. Hehe, she does look like a Marbled Rye! Not as cute as a name though, I guess! ;)

  10. Awesome. Thank you all for helping save these kitties! Paws and fingers crossed for a safe and wonderful transport. Hugs!

  11. oh.my.kittenness! I want them all! You are awesome. Look at how many little lives you have changed!

  12. It is nice to see so many kitties get homes

  13. Hey, I'm a cheerleader and want to participate! HELP!!

  14. Thanks to everyone involved... Hugs & Purrs all-round! ~.~

  15. Hope your transport is going great. You are so wonderful to help save so many kitties lives. Thanks for saving every one of them and especially Samuel L. Catson.. Your good karma is overflowing!


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