Apr 8, 2013

Puppy Learns to Play Catch (and Needs to Keep Practicing)

Pacino is learning how to play catch today! It's simple, right? His mom holds the stuffed bone, counts down... and gently tosses it to him!

And then he tries really hard to catch it and just crumbles from the effort. Cutest little fail ever.

P.S. Just two little drivers needed to get our transport kitties to their safe rescue next weekend! Help, help, help! Especially with the Jacksonville leg -- we have no backup plan there!

If you can help drive either one, please fill out our transport volunteer driver form. And if not, please share with your friends!

***Jacksonville, FL to Savannah, GA***
***Manning, SC to Fayetteville, NC***

Money, Willow and Walnut (they are the Tree family!) want to ride in your car, purrlease
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  1. Good Monday Morning. That looks like a sleepy puppy! those kittens are sooooooooo cute. Have a great week!

  2. So cute........his balance is off. He'll get it!! <3

  3. Aaaaawww, little baby flopped backwards! He is so gooey cutie!!!


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